Top Free Productive apps for Mac in 2021

Our Mac computer is our best friend, it is where we get our job done, stream movies, and sometimes play our favorite games. Unfortunately, this is exactly the reason why we tend to get frustrated and distracted sometimes (or maybe most of the time for some).  While using our computer we may end-up spending a lot of time on an attention grabbing sites.

The good news is that there are many ways for you to improve your own productivity. The easiest and probably the best comprehensive fix is to install productive apps on our Mac computer. There are dozens of apps out there that can help us achieve our goal for the day faster.

Of course, the app you need varies from person to person depending on the goal. On this page, we’ll productive apps that are completely free. These tools definitely deserve space on your computer.


Mac computer has pre-installed Notes apps. This can help us jot down our to-do list, projects, or just a quick thought. But if this application isn’t enough to boost your productivity, we recommend downloading the Todoist app.

The Todoist app is a note-taking app that can help you organize our projects, meetings, and upcoming events. Moreover, you can also use it as a browser extension. The good thing here is that it is completely free.

There is a premium version of the Todoist app that allows you to like backups and have automatic reminders. But even with free versions, you’ll be more organized enough.


Like Todoist, the nTask is also a task management app. The good thing about this app is that it is designed for the lift the productivity of the team. There are seven built-in modules in the nTask app including tasks, projects, risks, issues, and meeting management.

Using the nTask app, users will be able to create a tasks and create multiple projects under it. Furthermore, the app is helpful for resource planning, budget planning.

Casino app 

I know it’s odd to see a casino app on the list of productive apps for Macs. But as we said earlier, the work we do varies from person to person, and these app is the most recommended for professional gamblers. Those people who gamble in online casino to win some cash should download a casino app.

Casino apps are useful to check out special casino bonus instantly. The app will notify you when a new promotion is launched or when a new event or tournament will take place. If you are going to get a casino app, make sure that you download it from the official site of the casino because some web apps are made to hack your gaming account. Furthermore, some casinos reward incentives for those who download the official casino app.


With Scanbot, you can digitize important documents, receipts, business cards, contracts, newspaper articles, and other notes in no time. You can also use the Scanbot to send the information through fax in more than 50 countries.

Scanbot also comes with a perspective correction feature that can straighten and position the document correctly before converting your document into PDF or JPEG file format. You can also optimize the color. Another cool feature is that it can detect QR codes, barcodes, and hotspots.


Pocket is another nifty app you can use to save different resources online from articles, videos, pictures even, memes from your browsers, social media, and other apps. The pocket app can get the data that you can access even when you are not online.

You don’t have to go back to various websites and social sites, Pocket will get the data for you and display on its interface. Aside from, Mac computer, you can also sync it to your phone and tablet.

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