Top 10 Best Stock Market Apps in India

If you want to trade in stock market you need to remain updated every minute. You need to analyse various events as well as news in the stock market. You can be updated about stock market always with the help of various stock market apps. These apps can be installed in smartphones or tabs. These apps are simple to operate and faster and efficient. You can always be informed about the ups and downs of the market. You can track your portfolio easily by making use of stock market apps. Today we will guide you about Top 10 Best Stock market apps which are quite helpful to do the required research i.e. checking the real-time streaming market price of any stock or mutual fund.

Top 10 Stock Market Apps in India

Economic Times Markets

Top 10 Best Stock Market Apps in India

If you are thinking about installing stock market app then I must recommend you to install this app. ET Market can be downloaded from play store. This is one of the best apps for portfolio checkers, because of the following features,

  • The Application has several tabs such as Top News, Market News, Quick reads which are quite beneficial for traders. This is because Quick reads offer read less and know more. From the quick read you can predict the effect of any news on its share price.
  • It gives snapshot of share price, bid price, intraday chart of price movement and real-time stock quotes and personalised news.
  • Economic times have set a record to circulate latest news about stock market.
  • Helps to track any stock in intraday trading and Futures & Options by making use of Charts with the quotes of immediate support and resistance, Stop loss you need to take etc. They are delivered by several market analysts.

In addition to

  • Offers snapshot of shares which are trending i.e. volume buzzers, volume crackers, Price shockers etc.
  • You can add your favourite stocks, mutual funds, commodities, futures, and currencies in your watch list. You will get timely alerts on corporate affairs such as dividend declared, Bonus share and stock split, news about the stock.
  • The snapshot and updates about the performance of all of your holdings such as mutual funds, direct stocks, Public Provident fund, National Savings Certificate, Life insurance policies, ULIPs etc. on daily basis.


Top 10 Best Stock Market Apps in India

This app can be downloaded from Google Play Store. It occupies 4.4/5 star rating. We recommend that this app can be kept in Smartphone or tab as a single app.

  • Moneycontrol app has lots of information and news to share.
  • Anyone can get updates of Indian as well as international financial markets on this app.
  • It has access to BSE, NSE, MCX and NCDEX exchanges. So, you can easily checkout mutual funds, commodities, equity shares, currencies etc.
  • Moneycontrol provides news for all day about market, business, economy and interviews of senior management.
  • Moneycontrol monitors the performance of your portfolio and alerts you about your possessions.

NSE Mobile Trading

This application allows freedom to a user to trade conveniently at will. First you need to download it from your Android, or IOS or Windows Smartphone. After downloading you need to submit all your details which are provided by your registered broker. After quoting all the required details you will be provided with a USER ID. You need to create a password to use the application. For any assistance you can call to the toll free number 18002660052. The app has following features,

  • Offers comprehensive trading and market monitoring platform with real time streaming quotes, charts etc. to users.
  • You can track Portfolio and Holdings.
  • Easy fund Transfer.

Yahoo Finance

Top 10 Best Stock Market Apps in India

This app requires setting up a new setting after it is downloaded. Here you need to choose among various countries, USA, Canada, India, Germany, France, etc. After the selection of the nation you need to choose language of the app, because it offers various services in different languages such as English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish etc. The app has following features,

  • Offers real-time stock quotes and personalised news to stay updated and make profit.
  • Apart from Equities, world indices, any individual can track currencies, bonds, commodities, equities, world indices, futures and Options
  • You can get latest financial information i.e. dividend, bonus share and stock split.
  • It also offers the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more with our extensive crypto currency coverage which makes this app unique in comparison to other stock market apps.

Stocks, Forex: Portfolio & News

best stock market apps

If you have a global portfolio across various stock exchanges and asset class then you must install this app which has been developed by This application has following features,

  • Gives real time quotes and charts for over one lakh financial instruments i.e. stock, bonds, commodities, crypto currencies etc. which are traded in global exchanges.
  • Adds your portfolio or watch list
  • Provides quick access to various financial tools i.e. earning calendar, currency converter, advanced technical charts.

Stock Watch

This is an easy to operate and well-categorized application useful for investors. You can track your portfolio and create a watch list. It gives tips on Indian stock market. It helps to find entire company name leading to reduce your effort. You can get in this application a snapshot of leading global indices.

  • Live stocks quote by making use of live feeds to stay on top of the Nifty and Sensex with intraday charts.
  • Offers Indian stock tips which are delivered by leading fund houses and their analyst views on any stock.
  • Keeps a vigilant eye on stocks which are most critical for you with Latest and fastest refresh cycles.
  • Offers a snapshot of leading global indices like Nasdaq, DAX, FTSE etc. at one place.

Stock Edge

Top 10 Best Stock Market Apps in India

Stock Edge is useful for traders or investors to do research and take decision about stocks. It is famous for doing fundamental, technical research. You can get stock analysis, visualization and alerts in the Smartphone.

  • Delivers FII/ FPI & DII Cash and Derivatives data on daily, monthly and yearly basis.
  • Offers Opportunity scans such as high/low of previous month or 3 months or 52 week, price behaviour of 1 day or 3 day, stocks with high volume, stocks with high delivery, Moving average, Candlestick pattern charts etc.
  • Provides sector or company research guides in easy understandable language.
  • Gives information about what the other big bulls are doing. You can create your own group and add member Investors with their multiple names/entities etc.

Market Mojo

Top 10 Best Stock Market Apps in India

This is the must use app for the professional traders. It gives pre analysis on price movement of various stocks even on intraday. You can get valuable technical information i.e. Support, Resistance, Stop loss on intraday trading.

  • Offers comparison of any specific company with other peer companies in respect of Debt ratio, sales, profit margin, EBITDA, Return on Equity etc.
  • Suggestions whether you should buy any stock by checking company’s long term performance in the recent past as well as in the future.
  • Offers valuation status whether the stock is available with an attractive valuation.
  • Whether your portfolio outperform the market.
  • The portfolio checkups i.e. whether you hold good quality stocks that will enable better returns in the near future.

My Cams

This is an app for mutual funds. If you have invested in various mutual funds it is the best app to track each and every mutual fund and their performance and your portfolio through a single gateway.

  • It shows complete view of your investment in various funds, such as units you possess in various mutual funds, the buying price, current NAV and the return at any exact time.
  • Change of default bank account mandate.
  • You can start Investment in mutual fund either via Systematic investment plan or lump sum payment with ease.

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Top 10 Best Stock Market Apps in India

It has the following two features which make this unique. They are Navigation system, and interactive charts. The app provides the service of live intraday candlestick chart analysis and updates even in one minute or five minutes.

  • Offers real-time data i.e. 1 minute real time and chart updates for NSE stocks and Future & Options.
  • Technical chart analysis with immediate Support, resistance, stops loss even on intraday basis.
  • Unlimited watch list Synchronization of stocks in accordance with you.
  • Price alerts when the price hits the desired target.
  • Offers 35+ Technical chart indicators including basic and advanced indicators.

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Finally, does the list not contain your favourite stock market apps? Let me know if I have missed or overlooked a really awesome app. You can make a comment so that I can add your favourite stock market app which will help investors to track stocks and get real time data.

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