Investment Education

Picking a suitable or profitable stock is a difficult task to do. But you can choose good stocks by following our advice. Here we have discussed in detail how to select stocks that can provide you with profit in the long run.

There are thousands of companies enlisted in the share market. We will guide you on how to identify the best ones by making appropriate fundamental, technical, qualitative analysis and checking balance sheet, profit, and loss account of the stock or company.

Here is a detailed description of the aspects we will describe in our Investment Education course.

  • Introduction to investing: Here we will discuss what equity is, common myths about the stock market, the top 10 reasons why you should invest in the stock market, why most people lose money in the stock market, what is value investing, how to pick the best stocks by different investment strategies.
  • Finding winning stocks to invest: Step by step explanation of how to find stocks to analyze i.e., Fundamental analysis of stocks, Technical analysis of stocks, Qualitative analysis of stocks, SWOT analysis of stocks.
  • Investment Strategies: Here we will discuss how to pick best stocks by GARP Investing Method, Value Investing Method, and CANSLIM Method, etc, how to pick the best stocks by making use of Price to Earnings Ratio, EBITDA Margin for consistent returns.
  • Financial Statements: The ability to read a financial statement separates a good investor from a mediocre one. In this module, you will learn how to read the financials of a company like Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss account, Income statement, and Cash Flow Statement.
  • Resources: Here you’ll get a list of free financial websites, apps, links, etc which will make your stock research 10x easier.

What can you expect after completing the course?

  • Complete understanding and confidence when investing in the Stock Market.
  • Learning how to pick stocks for consistent returns in the long-term.
  • Applying best practices and techniques to make your stock research efficient and easier.
  • And finally, making money with your investment.

We will provide suggestions and advice about top stocks after you join our Facebook group. We can feed you any query about the share market or stock or any other investment-related matter. After the completion of the Investment Education Course, we will suggest 10 multi-bagger stock recommendations with fundamental, qualitative and technical analysis of the stocks that can enable you multi-bagger return. After the proper analysis, we will provide you with a detailed report on why we suggest these stocks.

We are available with Mobile, Whatsapp, and e-Mail to meet any kind of query.

For any clarification or query please contact us on the following options:

Mail – [email protected]

Call/Whatsapp +91 81 167 96258

Fees structure

At first, you need to pay Rs. 999/- at once in your lifetime. After this payment, we will provide you with a course as discussed above along with 10 multi-bagger stock recommendations with detailed fundamental, qualitative and technical analysis of the stocks. We will also give you a free consultation about any kind of queries regarding Insurance, Investment, Financial Planning, Tax planning, etc. forever.

I have invested lakhs of rupees and many years educating myself and learning new skills about the stock market. Now, I intend to share that hard-earned knowledge with the world. I have decided to create an online course to do so. It is the best way to reach thousands of people.

Are you ready? Let’s Start!

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