Financial Planning Services

Do you know if you can fulfill your requirements with Rs. 2,00,000/- per year now, you will need Rs. 15, 00,000/- approximately per year after 30 years owing to the effect of inflation?

So, in order to lead a happy retirement life, you will need to accumulate a corpus of Rs. 4 Crore if you as well as your wife survive till the age of 80 years.

Apart from living costs, you are to manage your children’s education cost if you have a son as well as a daughter. In addition to this, there will be a big expenditure on your daughter’s marriage.

There will be medical expenditure and this will increase as you grow older.

So, to fulfill all these expenditures and lead a tension free life you need to plan right now. You should manage your income in a way so that you can save and prepare a corpus for your old age.

Now, how you will make financial planning is a big task. It is not easy at all. You should read and gather sufficient knowledge about financial planning. You may need help of an expert.

Capitalante is a Financial Educational Blog…

Which offers financial planning services in accordance with the age of any individual.

What you will get if you hire us to make proper financial planning.

  • Calculation on the required corpus which you will need in order to lead a happy retirement life without financial woes.
  • Investment strategy to reach the desired retirement corpus by proper financial planning i.e. an investment portfolio of different asset class i.e. Debt, Equity, Gold, Bonds, and Money Market funds according to risk appetite and time horizon.
  • The Insured amount you should fix while buying term Plan.
  • The sum you should insure while buying Health insurance policies.
  • Several money-saving habits which will help you to be rich.

Fees structure

At first, you need to pay Rs. 1499/- for the subscription for the 1st year. From the 2nd year, you need to pay Rs. 999/- annually.

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