Financial Planning eBook

Are you struggling to prepare effective financial planning to achieve financial freedom in your life? Want to retire without any financial woes? Want to gain a fruitful return from the stock market in the long run? Then this E-Book will help in letting you know the exact 7 step process to prepare effective financial planning to achieve financial freedom.

In this E-Book [Consist of 27000+ Words] I have shared my own experience in the world of investing. In this book, you will learn,

  • How to manage money by making use of 50/30/20 principle and offer 5 money saving techniques which will help you to save a significant amount every month.
  • How to regulate your expenses wisely,
  • If you are planning about purchasing a home but confused about what amount should you put to buy a house then you can calculate by making use of the 20 Percent Rule, The Income Rule, & The 28/36 debt Rule.
  • If you are planning to purchase a car but confused about how much should you spend on a car then you can calculate by making use of the 50/30/20 Rule, The 28/36 debt Rule, The 20/10 Debt Rule, & 20/4/10 Rule.
  • A detailed analysis of why you should buy a term insurance plan, the points to consider while buying a term insurance plan, the insured amount you should fix while buying a term plan, etc.
  • A detailed analysis of emergency funds, how to manage the emergency funds, etc.
  • How to set up a realistic corpus you need in the future to lead the life after retirement without any financial woes, how to calculate the retirement corpus, big-ticket purchase like buying a home or car, education or marriage of children, etc.
  • How to prepare a proper asset allocation strategy to reach your desired corpus?
  • A detailed analysis of various investment options namely, Pension Plans [types of pension plans, benefits, etc.], Equity, Bonds, Gold, etc.
  • If you are a novice investor then you found this book helpful since the book cover,

    1. A step by step guide on why you should invest in the stock market,
    2. How to invest in the stock market i.e. via a mutual fund or direct equity,
    3. Why people lose money in the stock market,
    4. How to pick best mutual funds,
    5. How to analyze sectors by making use of Porter’s five forces and best sectors to invest in India for the long term,
    6. A detailed 18-parameter checklist to pick best stocks that will yield better returns in the long-term,
    7. And finally how to tackle volatility in the stock market.

The Financial Planning Handbook is for you if,

  • You want to know how to manage money efficiently.
  • Learn about Investment options across various asset classes in accordance with your risk appetite and time horizon.
  • Complete knowledge about Insurance plans.
  • You want to gain complete understanding and confidence when investing in the Stock Market.
  • Learning how to pick stocks for consistent returns in the long-term.
  • Applying best practices and techniques to make your stock research efficient and easier.
  • And finally, achieve Financial Freedom.

Price: Once you have bought this book once, I will provide you lifetime updates free of cost. A new updated edition of this book is coming SOON with an increase in Price i.e. Rs. 199, so buy now before update only at Rs. 99 (Lifetime Updates).

Attention: No refunds will be allotted. If you are from those people who will ask for a refund after buying this book please don’t buy this e-book which will help to achieve financial freedom.

Disclosure: All information shared here are totally my personal opinions and are of no intention to harm or mislead any individual or investor. You should consult your financial advisor before investing in any stock, mutual fund, etc. which I have mentioned in this e-book.

Financial Planning eBook

Financial Planning eBook

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