6 ‘Legit Proven’ Ways to Earn Money From YouTube

YouTube is a modern platform to earn money. It is almost similar to Google. We will not discuss what YouTube is all about. We will discuss how you or anyone can earn money from YouTube. YouTube is just like a search engine like Google which shows only video results. YouTube shows almost all sorts of videos such as cooking, film reviews, smartphones, and gadgets, travel and tours, etc. These videos are made by someone or a group of people. Why can’t you make such a video and upload it on YouTube? You can create your own YouTube channel free of cost and make videos.

What niche should I select?

Almost everyone has a hobby of his own. This hobby can be transformed into an occupation. If you have knowledge about anything you can share that information via YouTube videos. So you can create a YouTube channel. You should choose that field in which you feel interested and have likings. You may select your interest and think carefully about whether you can make videos about that field.

It is seen that Youtubers choose the field of health for making YouTube videos just because someone else is making so and is quite successful. So many YouTubers select the wrong field to make videos even though the respective blogger has expertise in Investment and Personal finance niche. Since you have no interest in that field after working relentlessly you shut down the channel owing to the fact that you have not made any money. Here are the famous niches to start your Youtube Channel,

  • Entertainment,
  • Cricket,
  • Jobs Portals,
  • Personal Finance,
  • Health & Fitness,
  • Parenting,
  • Food,
  • Travel,
  • Product Reviews,
  • Politics,
  • News Portals,
  • Internet Marketing,
  • Tech,
  • Education,
  • Fashion & Beauty,
  • Home Decor,
  • Pet Care,
  • Photography.

and so on…………

So, in order to make money, you should choose such a field in which you are interested. From the above chart, it is clear that you can make money irrespective of the niche if you have an interest and passion.

Create a Youtube Channel

Any individual can create a YouTube channel without any money i.e. free. Here are the simple 5 steps to create your own YouTube channel,

  • Go to YouTube.
  • Click on Sign in with your Gmail Account.
  • Click on the Create Channel.
  • After filling all the details your channel is created.
  • Now you can upload your videos online.

Earn Money from YouTube

On which topic should I make a video?

Novice YouTubers are quite confused about three questions such as,

  • At what topic of any specific niche should I make a video?
  • Shall the video get views?
  • Would this article perform well?

Let’s dig into the deep.

How do you know about which topic people are searching for?

In order to know that you should type a keyword in the YouTube search box and keep notice what results are suggested by YouTube.

Suppose I search the term “how to earn money from YouTube.”

After I enter, the search results show various videos related to earning from YouTube.

Just notice the views the videos give.

If the top 3 videos all together get the view of above 50k, then they are an ideal topic to make the video, because it is quite obvious that the people are interested in that topic.

Why they are so important?

It is because these suggestions suggested by YouTube are those keywords that people search frequently. Since these keywords are suggested by YouTube, you can predict that they are popular keywords since these keywords are suggested by YouTube by making use of Artificial Intelligence.

There are various tools that can help to know the average search volume in a month, competition, etc. such as,

  • Long Tail Pro
  • TubeBuddy
  • YouTube Studio
  • Buzzsumo
  • VidlQ

Why Long Tail Pro?

If you have started a micro-niche Youtube channel, find profitable keywords that can easily rank, have high CPC of various competitive keywords and boost your affiliate earning, you can make use of Long Tail Pro. This tool is quite handy for,

  • Suggest related keywords i.e. 400 related keywords of your target keyword,
  • The difficulty level between 0 and 100 of any keyword,
  • By making use of the ‘competitor analysis’ feature, you can overview whether you can rank for any keyword.

Why TubeBuddy?

If you think about starting your own YouTube channel then you should make use of TubeBuddy to manage, optimize, and grow your YouTube channel. After installing TubeBuddy via Google chrome/Firefox extension, this tool offers you the following features,

  • Suggest relevant and popular ‘tags’ of your Youtube videos.
  • By making use of TubeBuddy you can publish videos on Facebook. In addition, TubeBuddy shares your video as a native Facebook video, not a YouTube video.
  • You can create GIFs for a specific portion of your video.
  • Offer A/B Testing to boost your YouTube views.
  • TubeBuddy suggests the exact days and hours when you should publish your videos on YouTube to boost views.
  • You can set up alerts to get a notification when people mention your channel to stay ahead in the competition.

Apart from the free plan, TubeBuddy offers three different pricing categories. The free plan does not include some key features such as Facebook publishing, bulk processing, A/B testing, Brand alerts, etc.

Finally, if you are a serious YouTuber who has started a journey and has less than 1000 subscribers, then you should opt TubeBuddy premium plan from day one since the Pro plan costs $3.60 a month when billed annually.

How do you rank your video in order to get ranking within the top 3?

After you get the topic on which you will make your video you need to check the following points,

  • Optimize your Video title and Thumbnail to boost click-through rate.
  • Check out the competitor’s Keyword, Title Tag, Video description, Tags used apart from the title.
  • Make use of the Skyscraper Technique.
  • Optimization of your Video Content.
  • Promote the video by blogger’s outreach.

Let’s dig into the above-mentioned points to get more views and lets your YouTube video go viral.

Analysis of Competitor’s Video

After you get the probable topic in which you are going to make a video, you need to check the following points while analysis of competitors’ videos,

  • Title tag used for the video.
  • The video description.
  • Apart from the title tag what are the additional tags used by the competitor.
  • What information does the person deliver in the video?

Make use of the Skyscraper Technique

After making an analysis of competitors’ videos you need to create a better video on that specific topic which will help to go viral. Skyscraper Technique can be defined as you need to make better content in comparison to other contents which have failed to deliver some useful facts, figures, etc.

But how?

Let’s make it clear with an example.

Suppose you are in the Investment-related niche. You have noticed that this is apparently a viral search topic on YouTube. You find that the video lacks various information such as how to open a mutual fund offline since the video covers online mode, plan option, fund types, etc. After analysis of the video, you need to cover all the relevant details such as,

  • What is a mutual fund?
  • The options offered by mutual funds i.e. dividend option, Growth Option
  • What are close-ended funds, open-ended funds?
  • What is a regular plan, direct plan?
  • How to pick the best mutual funds?
  • At what mutual funds should an investor start investing?
  • How an individual can open a mutual fund account?
  • How to redeem the mutual funds’ units when needed?

Optimization of your Video Content

In order to optimize your YouTube video install TubeBuddy, and you need to consider the following points,

  • The focus keyword should include the title of the video file.
  • The focus keyword should include in the Title of YouTube video.
  • Include the focus keyword in the description of your YouTube video.
  • Use your focus keyword at least 4 times during the video.
  • Use the related keywords in accordance with the video titles which were suggested by YouTube or Google during the video.

Promote the video by blogger’s outreach

Many novice YouTubers think that after they have delivered an outstanding video, the YouTube ranks that outstanding piece of content within one week. They tend to wait and pray for that result. But in order to go your video viral, you need to promote and outreach your niche bloggers and ask them to share with their followers. Let’s make it clear with the following example,

Suppose you have made a video about where to invest the money and you cover the best investment options such as equity, mutual funds, public provident funds, Exchange-traded funds, etc. The video length is about 15 minutes. You need to do the following things in order to make your video viral,

  • Search in Google about where to invest the money.
  • After getting the blogs that cover the very same topic.
  • Send a personalized mail about your video.

If they think that the video is relevant to their blog post they happily link your YouTube video and may share your YouTube video with their audience.

How to make money from YouTube

After your channel has got 1000 Subscribers and 4000 hours of view time start monetizing your site by making use of Google Adsense.

Monetize YouTube Videos

How to make money from YouTube apart from Google Adsense

Many bloggers claim to have thousands of traffic, but they cannot earn a penny from their YouTube channels apart from Google Adsense. The traffic is nothing if you don’t know how to convert the traffic into earning and make money. Here we will discuss 5 ways to make money from your youtube channel apart from Google Adsense.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is nothing but promoting a product or a company or anything through your articles or contents. Suppose, you are making a YouTube video, here you may quote a particular product or company. Suppose, you run a YouTube channel on the personal finance niche. Under the personal finance niche, you can make videos about insurance, stock market investment. There are various companies that sell insurance products. So you can promote insurance policies. The company will give a unique affiliate ID. Now, if anyone clicks the link embedded in the description of the video, and buys some insurance policy, you will get some commissions because you help the company to deliver customers.

Affiliate Marketing

As we have discussed earlier that we run a website related to investment in the stock market. We usually recommend several broking agencies, credit card companies, banks, insurance companies, stocks, etc. If anyone takes the credit card or opens a Demat account by clicking the link embedded in the description of our videos, we can get a small commission from there. In this way, you too can make money by affiliate marketing.

Sell e-Book

You can write an e-book that contains at least 100 pages. The pages do not matter if the material in the book can solve someone’s problem or fulfill the query of information. We have knowledge about the stock market, mutual fund, tax-saving strategy, investment strategies, etc. Now a day, people are in search of knowledge like investment strategies, stock market investment, mutual fund guide, etc. So, we created an e-book about those topics and enlisted it in Amazon and recommend your audience to buy this e-book during any video uploaded in your YouTube channel. Now, people whenever visit our YouTube channel notice these kinds of books and buy them online. Then obviously we make money by selling this e-book.

Courses or Offers Services

You can offer visitors to your YouTube channel online courses and various services. Let’s make it clear with an example. Our YouTube channel offers different services namely Stock Recommendations, Income tax return filing, GST filing, and various videos on online courses. So if anyone pays to get access to any of our services which we offer, we make money. You can visit various YouTube channels of your niche, watch their videos and analyze their revenue model i.e., how they make money. In this way, you can make money online by offering various services to your niche.

Sponsored or Paid Videos

If you are able to achieve an audience base in your niche then you can make money by sponsored or paid videos. Unlike affiliate marketing where you make money by referring customers, sponsored or paid videos that allow a YouTube creator to take money from a company and in return promote their brand or product. You need to consider which product or services will help to solve any problem. Many novice YouTubers make a blunder while choosing to promote products or services. Suppose you are in the personal finance niche then you should promote insurance policy, investment-related services instead of any other category. If you promote irrelevant products or services about programming, then people will get confused about the content which will hurt user experience.

Crowds funding

Most of the YouTube creators monetize their videos by showing advertisement during the video or via affiliate marketing. On the flip side, there are various YouTube creators who make money by crowds funding. Crowds funding can be easily defined as to collect a small amount of capital from a large number of audiences. If you have a large audience base then you can also make money without showing ads which will give a better user experience.

Closing Thoughts,

Finally, there are full of videos on YouTube by various bloggers who claim that they are making $100 a day via YouTube. Overall they make $3000 in a single month. These individual YouTube creators claim that they have done this magic just within 6 months. Owing to this, many novice Youtubers want faster results. They start their YouTube channels and upload quality videos, but when they do not make $100/month after 6 months or one year, they quit.

But friends let me tell you that it takes several years to build money either from YouTube or blogging. Whether you know or not, several famous YouTube creators/bloggers such as Brain Dean of Backlinko.com, Neil Patel of Neilpatel.com have admitted that they started their blogs since 2009 and they have been making money since the past few years. In order to earn money from YouTube, prepare yourself for the long run, because it takes time. This is like a Marathon of 42.2 km. not the 100m sprint. But if you are trying to make $100 per day within one year, you will definitely fail.

I hope, this article will help you to earn money from YouTube in the near future. If you have got any other monetization options that will help to earn money from Youtube feel free to comment so that we have a discussion. If you have found this post helpful feel free to share it with your loved ones.

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