7 Legit companies that will pay for Car Advertisement

Have you watched that ordinary cars are printed with advertisements? If you are living in a remote location then you have noticed that the car owner has painted some advertisements on his car. It’s common, especially in American cities.

Car Advertisement

You assume that the product or services printed on the car are deemed fit with the car owner’s choice or personality. Many people also assume that the car owner may be the employee of the specific company that is printed on the car.

But do you know that they are making hundreds of dollars by car advertisements?

Yes, they make money in legit ways by printing an advertisement on the car.

How much money can you make on a car advertisement?

Car Advertisement

The price of a car advertisement depends not only on the size of the car but also where you will allow the company to advertise.

In addition, when you drive your car to get to work attracts higher income rather than when you go on weekend vacations.

You will earn between $50 and $1000 a month depending on your daily routes, and where you have allowed the car advertiser to print.

5 Step Process to Make Money from Car Advertisement

Car Advertisement

Now a day each company is in a rat race to reach out to its target audience. These companies find car advertisements as a lucrative option to reach out their target audience. When you are looking for money to clear out the debt and insurance costs, car advertisement is a lucrative option.

If you are worried that wrapping your car may damage your car, don’t worry. Car advertisers hire a professional and your car doesn’t damage in this process.

Step #1. Find Advertisers

Car Advertisement

When you are going to monetize your assets by advertising on your car, find a good wrap advertising company. When opting for a company, make sure that the company has not only a track record of regular payments to car owners but also an app in the google play store. It will be easier to apply online with just in few clicks.

Step #2. Apply Online and Provide your car details

Car Advertisement

When you are applying for a car advertisement make sure you have put all the details mentioned below.

  • When you have purchased this car?
  • Car Registration details.
  • Details of car accidents if any.
  • Driving license details of the owner.
  • Car insurance details.
  • Car mortgage details.

The advertiser will accept the offer when he is satisfied with the details provided by you and your car is deemed fit according to his requirements.

Step #3. Enter your route

Car Advertisement

Usually, a company targets a specific audience, and in some cases they want to target any specific area’s audience. That’s why you should disclose your route so that the advertisers have a clear idea of whether your car covers their target area to attract their target audience. When you are applying for a car advertisement enter the following details,

  • By which route you are going to your workplace from your home?
  • The average time taken to reach your destination from your home.
  • By which route you drive frequently to drop your kids at kindergarten, or shopping, etc.
  • Have you gone on vacation on weekend? If yes, where you enjoy your weekend and by which route you run the car.

The above-mentioned points are crucial for a wrap advertising company, as they wish to reach their target audience. Hence, once they are satisfied with your answer, you will get paid for a car advertisement.

Step #4. Make an Advertisement Agreement

Car Advertisement

When the wrap advertisement company has successfully scrutinized your car, they will ask you to sign on the advertisement papers. Wrap Advertisers ask you to ensure that the advertisement stays intact, clean, and visible. Additionally, take care of your car so that the advertisement space remains free of scratches, dents, etc. When you fail to maintain the advertisement dust-free and it isn’t visible, the company may refuse to process the payment for breaching the contract.

Step #5. Get your car wrapped

Car Advertisement

When a car advertisement company is satisfied that by advertising with your car they will benefit, the company will ask you to hand over your car for 2-3 hours so that the advertisers can wrap your car with the advertisement.

After they have wrapped your car with the advertisement, your payment cycle will start.

When you have opted short term contracts between 30 days and 90 days, you will make between $300 and $500 a month. Contrary to Short term Contracts, when you have opted for a long-term contract of one year you will get paid $1000 a month or more during festivals, public holidays.

7 Legit companies that will pay for Car Advertisement

When you are hunting high and low for making moneyby putting stickers or wraps on the vehicle, here are the 7 companies that will pay you for car advertisement.

Car Advertising Company #1. Carvertise

Since the inception, Carvertise is one of the popular car advertising companies. The company was founded by two college students way back in 2012 in Delaware. The company is operating in 7 cities namely,

  • New York City,
  • Los Angeles,
  • Chicago,
  • Philadelphia,
  • Delaware,
  • Boston,

When you are riding 30 miles a day and you have purchased on 2008, the chances are higher that your application is approved if you are living around the cities. Additionally, the company will scrutinize about your driving records, how many hours a week you drive and the route you will cover with your car.

When all the things comply, it’s right time to contact with Carvertise. Just enter your name, phone number, and email id on their website. When they approve your car for advertisement, Carvertise offer partial wraps and full wraps. When you have opted partial wraps they wrap the both sides. In the case of full wraps they wrap entire body including windows except the windshield.

By advertising with Carvertise, you can earn between 300 and 1200 in a campaign not in months. Typically a campaign lasts between 2 months and 6 months. You can boost your earnings by parking your car in certain locations during a set time frame. At the end of the campaign the company will remove the wraps.

Car Advertising Company #2.Wrapify

Since its inception, Wrapify has successfully wrapped 2,50,000+ vehicles. The company has placed its name 2 times in the Inc.’s 5000 companies list.The company is operating in 5 cities namely,

  • New York City,
  • Los Angeles,
  • San Francisco,
  • Philadelphia,
  • San Diego.

The company will resume its operation at Chicago soon.

When you have attained 21 years of age and own a vehicle that is purchased on or after 2010, and drive at least 50 miles a day, then you can assume that you are eligible for car advertisement. After meeting these standards, it’s perfect time to download the app in your Android or iOS smartphone to get started.

Additionally Wrapify also make a scrutiny of following.

  • Are you driving a car of 2010 or later?
  • Have you done major driving violations during the past 5 years?
  • Have you experienced any accidents in the past 5 years?

When you have done more than one moving violations and one accident during the past five years the chances are higher that you will not qualify for car advertisement.

Since the company offer four ad campaigns namely Full, partial, lite and Static+ ,your earnings may vary. Here are the listof how much you can earn each month,

  • Full – $264 – $452,
  • Partial – $196 – $280,
  • Lite – $181 – $280,
  • Static+ – $174 – $280.

One important thing to keep in mind is if you terminate before a campaign ends, you will be charged early termination fees by the company. Usually a campaign lasts between one month and a quarter. So you need not to make a contract for a year.

Car Advertising Company #3. Nickelytics

Since the inception, Nickelytics is one of the popular car advertising companies that let you choose among various advertising options namely Light Wraps, Window Wraps and Full-Body Wraps and pay accordingly. The company is operating in 8 cities namely,

  • Denver,
  • Portland,
  • New Orleans,
  • Petersburg,
  • Fort Mayors,
  • Naples,
  • Tampa,
  • Cape Coral.

When you are riding 900 miles a month in a metropolitan area and you have purchased a car on or after 2010, the chances are higher that your application will be approved if you live around the cities. When you are a driver at Uber, Lyft or DoorDash then you can expect that you are eligible for car wrap.

Additionally, the company will scrutinize your driving records, how many hours a week you drive and the route you cover with your car. You can earn anywhere between $250 and $500 a month.

Like other apps, you need to run the app so that the company can track your driving routes and how much miles you drive a month. If you forget to run the app before driving, you will not get paid for that ride. So, make sure you run the app while driving.

Hurry! Install the App in your Android Smartphone or Apple iOS to make money right now.

Car Advertising Company #4. StickerRide

Since the inception in 2013, StickerRide is operating in not only Europe but also the US. The exact terms and conditions may vary in respect of advertisers, but you can assume that normal terms will be applied.

After you have downloaded the app in your Android smartphone or iOS smartphone, you need to opt for a campaign that suits. After opting out, StickerRide will contact you for schedule sticker installation.

The income may vary due to the various factors that decide the payment namely, how many miles you have covered, what is your route to get to the office, or whether you are participating in flash mob drives or quests where you need to take a photo of your car in a popular location.

When you come across the earnings,StickerRide pays on a point system. You will get paid on the basis of type and number of stickers that are installed on your card, your route, time zones, and what type of car are you driving.

Car Advertising Company #5. Free Car Media

This advertiser lets you install ads on your rear windows or entire car. To make money by placing ads the registration process is quite easy. Just visit their website and enter your driving routes, and personal information to get started.

FreeCarMedia will contact you when you have qualified for advertisements. When you have opted for a campaign you will get paid for a couple of months or upto two years. You will receive anywhere between $50 and $400 a month for placing ads on rear window or full wrap and the size of the ad.

Car Advertising Company #6. Pay Me For Driving

You can monetize your car via advertising when you are living in the St. Louis, Missouri. When you are 18 years old and have a clean driving history with auto insurance you get paid.

Car Advertising Company #7. ReferralCars

This advertiser gives a car owner two options namely commission-based car advertising and non-commission based advertising.

When you enter your ZIP code of your area you can view the current and upcoming campaigns in your area. You need to furnish the following details,

  • How many miles your car covered a year,
  • Does your car have car insurances?
  • When you have bought the car you own?
  • Have you drive for Uber or Lyft?

On being satisfied, the account manager will provide the upcoming events. After the decal is installed on your car, send a picture as a proof, and you will get paid. Each month you need to take a picture so that the company verifies that the decal still exists on the car. Since the decals aren’t large you can place ads of another advertiser. You will get paid within the first 90 days of the campaign when you accept any campaign.

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Final Thoughts

An American spends around $439 a month.So, it’s time to monetize your car when you enjoy driving each day. Allowing advertising in your car enables you to cover your monthly expenses.

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