Best Place to Buy Property in Spain in 2021

Are you the one who is looking best buying property in Spain for foreigners? Are you the one who is a Spanish citizen and want to know about the best place to buy property in Spain? Are you an enthusiast about traveling and want to know about the best place to buy a holiday home in Spain?

Best Place to Buy Property in Spain

If any of the above situations meets your requirement of searching this topic, then Google has sent you to the right place. Because today, we are going to discuss the best place to buy property in Spain.

We have understood that searching for places to buy property in Spain is not an easy thing. It does require a lot of research; otherwise, you don’t understand which the best place to invest in Spain is.

So we have taken all the responsibilities and did thorough research for you. All you need is to read out the entire article and get the perfect idea related to Spain property.

List of Places to Buy Property in Spain:

Costa Blanca:

Best Place to Buy Property in Spain

If we talk about Costa Blanca, it’s Spain’s golfing hotspot. The majority of the people in Spain love sports a lot; therefore, golf is also a leisure sport they have a lot of importance. In Costa Blanca, this sports has so much importance, and there are many areas where you will see the golfing spots.

Due to the same reasons, the property industry has also shown a lot of interest in this area, and you will see a tremendous amount of homes in the Costa Blanca area. If you are a sports lover, then Costa Blanca would be the best place to buy property in Spain.

 The region offers beautiful landscapes, World-class sports courses, and the best climate for you. However, Sports enthusiasm is not the only reason people come and buy the place in this region.

Best Place to Buy Property in Spain

The region also has one of Spain’s outstanding beaches and offers a tremendous amount of water sports to the residents. There are numerous areas that you can consider as the best place to buy a villa in Spain.

That’s also near the beach, which will also offer you the surroundings of Gyms, Golf courses, Swimming, and killing relaxing time on the beaches.

In Costa Blanca, the resorts such as La Calla Golf Resort, El Soto, and Santa Maria have the houses built with the idea of Mediterranean architecture. Therefore, you would have a lot of fun and find the place worthy of your Spain investment.


Best Place to Buy Property in Spain

Are you looking for the best place to buy a holiday home in Spain or getting retire earlier? If yes, then Valencia would be the best option for you to find the best place to invest in Spain.

Valencia is one of the best places to buy property in Spain. Moreover, you can also consider buying a Spain property for foreigners by taking the Valencia option in your mind.

Best Place to Buy Property in Spain

Valencia does provide you with one of the gorgeous beachfront destinations that you may have never experienced in your entire life. Doctors also suggest that the air of Valencia is pure for everyone. Therefore, living in this city of Spain would be a healthy environment for everyone.

Valencia is the place where you would get the highest amount of blue flag beaches throughout Spain. Therefore, anyone who loves to be around such a place could easily go for this area to have their property.

 Buy Property in Spain

However, if we talk about the past few years, this place has become the foreigners buying area due to its outstanding leisure options.

Therefore, if you are looking to make some profit out of the property, you could also consider the best place to buy property in Spain by considering Valencia, which you can later rent out to the tourists at good rental rates throughout the season.


Best Place to Buy Property in Spain

Spain has blessed up with outstanding beaches, beautiful cultural heritage, and many more. Due to these reasons, Spain is also the second-best tourist destination in the entire world. Most people come towards the Madrid and Barca area and get rental properties there for tourism purposes.

However, Andalusia is another outstanding place in Spain where there are so much about tourism and cultural heritage. Moreover, people also do come in a considerable amount to this place for tourism purposes. Therefore, Valencia is another good option to consider as the best place in Spain to buy the property.


If you are looking for the cheapest place to buy a property in Spain, Murcia would be the best place you need to consider in Spain. Murcia is famous due to the Mar Menor Saltwater Lake, outstanding tapas, and best neighborhoods like Mil Palmeras, San Pedro del Pinatar, and the outstanding south-eastern coastline.

If you love less-crowd places along with a considerable amount of sunshine throughout the year, then Murcia would be the best place to buy property in Spain. Apart from the budget-friendly option, you would also need to consider the place as it’s near to Spain’s major other tourist destinations.

The tourist spots near this area are La union, Los Alcazares, Caravaca de la Cruz, Lorca, and many more. Therefore, you don’t have to buy expensive places to these tourist destinations and buy the budget-friendly in Murcia.

These regions could provide you with leisure travel and other fun experiences to explore, like local white flamingo seeing, Space centers, vineyards, and other yearly festivals. Therefore, buying the property in Spain by considering Murcia would be a lot better in terms of both leisure and affordability.

Alicante Region:

Alicante region is also the best place to buy property in Spain where you can consider both luxurious and cheapest area to buy in Spain. The place is outstanding in terms of local and foreign buyers due to numerous career and tourism exposure.

The south-eastern coastline surrounds the Alicante region. Therefore, you would experience a pleasant climate, stunning beaches, tree boulevards, and a mixture of the traditional and modern blend, which is impossible to consider at any other place in Spain.

If we generally talk about the list of people living here, around 15% are foreigners, and the others are locals and people from different parts of Spain regions. Therefore, you will find a mixture of cultures in this place, which is unique and outstanding.

Apart from that, buying the Alicante region’s place is like experiencing delicious cuisine, cultural heritage, the outdoor lifestyle, dreamy climate, and many more.

Besides that, it does provide you with various other leisure activities like jet skiing, surfing, golf courses, and different other categories of water and other sports.

Although it has a lot of modern life influence, you would also see the heritage traces in different areas. Especially the old town of Alicante, where you would get to experience different old cuisines of Alicante town. Harbors are also a considerable amount that offers you different sea-food restaurants to dine-in and enjoys Spain’s best sea-food.

Barcelona and Madrid:

Barcelona and Madrid are also one of the best places to buy property in Spain. Why? Because of the high number of facilities and other sports activities like football, you would experience a considerable amount due to Madrid and Barcelona’s rivalry clubs.

However, it’s not the only thing you need to consider. Both cities are fully-modernized and contain a lot of importance due to opportunity seekers’ market value and those who want to live a leisure life.

Although the property is not that much cheaper here, you have to come with a plan for the high amount of investments. Why? Because the rates of property are higher as you expected.

You could also get some places recommendations that come inside the city, but the rates are not that much higher due to the less facilities.

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Spain is one of the best countries in the world where you could live a peaceful life. Despite any conditions, you can have the best place to buy property in Spain. Whether it’s about sports, business, or holiday homes, everything is pretty adaptable for local and foreign people.

Stats also say that people are considering Spain in a considerable amount as a property buying option. However, it would be best to learn the Spanish language to come here as a foreigner for buying property and live for long years.

When considering buying a property in Spain’s best place, it does require a lot of research from online sources and the persons who live there. Based on your desires, you can’t consider every place as the best for yourself.

We know that you don’t want to get into the hassles situation of researching all the things yourself. Therefore, we have come up with this article to let you know about Spain’s different places where you can buy the property.

All you need is to check out the above six places we have mentioned in the article to have a better idea.

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